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Nephilim Wand

After searching the middle east for magical items, we came across the legends of giants and the power they wielded. It was this power that inspired us to model a wand after their finger and channel the awesome energies these beings possessed. Each wand is made of actual bones mixed and matched to create the best representation of these massive fingers. They measure approximately Twelve inches in length and come in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box that measures 14” x 4” x 4” to protect it while you are not out vanquishing other Wizards and Witches.

  • Handmade Item

    **This is a handmade item and contains the character of such; there may be slight inconsistencies between the image and the item. It is specifically designed to look a bit "Imperfect" to create a one-of-a-kind item. If you have any concerns before shipment, we will be happy to send you an image of the exact item being sent.